2016 Election: The Year of the Surrender Cobra

Seriously.  Google image search "surrender cobra"  it's awesome.

I love college football. The emotion, the pageantry and the rivalries are like nothing else.  The bands, the unbridled enthusiasm, the fans, every part of it is just about perfect. What makes it so unique is that unlike every other sport, in college football every game matters.  With a few notable exceptions, if you want to win […]

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Fundamentals & the Case for Optimism

Tim Duncan- Fashion Icon

There is a lot of negativity out there. If you are like me, 50% of your Facebook timeline is full of depressing news, and the other half is full of your blowhard friends delivering their brand of haughty solutions. It’s enough to make us wonder if there is much to inspire optimism at all. I’m […]

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Drafting a President: Vote None of the Above


Many people get their political insight from network TV.  Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos and their ilk on Sunday morning vetting the issues of the day with politicians appearing live, ready to answer anything but the question they were asked.   The politicos feign empathy and dance for us, all in an attempt to stick to focus-group tested talking […]

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Competition, Easy Cheese & the Three Stages of Minivan Ownership


While there may be five stages of grief, I am happy to report there are only three stages to minivan ownership. It starts with denial “I’m too cool for a minivan.  Those things are clown town, I’ll never be seen in one… it’s just not for me.” It moves to bargaining “I may drive a […]

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Johnny Football, Britney Spears & Hope


Football news out of Cleveland is seldom good, but rarely is it quite this tragic. Not only has QB Johnny Manziel found himself on the on the wrong side of the law yet again, but come March he’ll be cut from the team.  His agent has dropped him, and he’s suddenly viewed as too toxic […]

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The Super Bowl of Entitlement

National Signing Day

If you truly love college football today is a dark day. It is the one day a year your favorite sport makes you embarrassed to call yourself a fan.   All across the country seventeen-year-old boys will sit in front of rows of baseball caps while thousands of 40-something men breathlessly stream it all over the […]

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