One Night In Bangkok -vs- A Lifetime of Wisdom

Life Advice

What’s your favorite one hit wonder? Personally I’m torn between One Night in Bangkok and a little ditty urging Eileen to please come on. As fun as both of those songs are and hundreds like them, there is a lone one hit wonder that delivers listeners something more.  Sage advice that has stood the test […]

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Purple Punishment: Turkey with a side of Pessimism

26 Nov 1998:   Randy Moss #84 of the Minnesota Vikings celebrates Thanksgiving during a game against the Dallas Cowboys at the Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas. The Vikings defeated the Cowboys 46-36. Mandatory Credit: Stephen Dunn  /Allsport

The holidays are that special time of year when we gather with family, share a meal and celebrate. That is unless and you are a family of Vikings fans. For Vikings fans, holidays in 2016 have proven to be a challenge.  This year’s Halloween wasn’t about the candy, and Thanksgiving won’t be about the turkey.  […]

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Top Causes of Premature Death : Obesity, Poverty & Loneliness (?)


Two headlines leapt off the page at me recently.  The first … Study:  Death Risk from Loneliness Higher than Poverty & On Par with Obesity The article speaks to a 14 percent spike in premature death among the lonely.  Several studies are cited but the conclusions are the same.   Stated simply, lacking the most basic of relationships […]

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2016 Election: The Year of the Surrender Cobra

Seriously.  Google image search "surrender cobra"  it's awesome.

I love college football. The emotion, the pageantry and the rivalries are like nothing else.  The bands, the unbridled enthusiasm, the fans, every part of it is just about perfect. What makes it so unique is that unlike every other sport, in college football every game matters.  With a few notable exceptions, if you want to win […]

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Fundamentals & the Case for Optimism

Tim Duncan- Fashion Icon

There is a lot of negativity out there. If you are like me, 50% of your Facebook timeline is full of depressing news, and the other half is full of your blowhard friends delivering their brand of haughty solutions. It’s enough to make us wonder if there is much to inspire optimism at all. I’m […]

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