Too Much Bruce Wayne


Too often we find ourselves treading water.  We trudge off to unsatisfying jobs and squander our untapped potential.  It saps our energy for our families and our relationship.  We accept jobs as Bruce Wayne during the week, promising ourselves we’ll find time to be Batman on the weekend.

Someday we’ll coach, someday we’ll write, someday we’ll teach, start a business or head to seminary.


Too often someday is a lie.  We’ve lost our zeal and we’ve settled.

Raising Your Ebenezer is about reconnecting with our best selves.  It is about finding our true calling and pursuing it.  What were we created to do?  How we hold ourselves accountable to act?

I invite you along for the ride.  Join me, assist me, lead me; let’s find our zeal together.

Together we can transform our someday into someday soon.


One thought on “Too Much Bruce Wayne

  1. Indeed, God helps us, He is faithful, and there are stones of truth. Stones that make mountains. It is great to identify and celebrate those stones.

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