Attitude, Joy and Execution– Charge!

My family spent Saturday at Target Field for a game that promised warm temperatures and good baseball.  Sadly the day went one for two, offering only the latter in a 3-1 Twins win replete with cold winds and temps in the low 50s.

Seeking a respite from the shockingly chilly gale-force winds, my family ended up retreating to the Two Gingers Pub in the upper deck of the stadium.  Here we found warm temps, a fabulous view of the action and the hidden gem of Target Field.

That gem, serving as the team’s 73-year-old MVP, is Sue Nelson.


Those unfamiliar with her work should make their way posthaste to the Two Gingers to see the master ply her trade.  It’s here where Nelson serves as the official Team Organist for the local nine, providing the old-timey backing music for a day at the ballpark.

But it isn’t what she does that is so fabulous and notable, it is how she does it.

You’ve never met a happier person in your life.  Smiling grandly, posing for pictures and talking baseball with anyone within earshot, she’s an absolute delight.

I’ve yet to encounter a bigger smile or felt a more genuine love for work.

In a world where people tend to live for the weekend, spending the days between trudging off to unsatisfying gigs, Nelson is having none of it.  Despite 18 years in the saddle, she still arrives two hours before the game to meet people, swap stories and enjoy the day.   Her joy and enthusiasm are absolutely infectious.

Someone famous once said “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Nelson lives that mantra and reminds us all that our organ-playing gig is out there, we just have to find it.  Make a career out of something you genuinely love, give it your all every single day and you’ll find true joy.   While easier said than done, it’s a lesson that goes a little further when you see it put into action.

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2 thoughts on “Attitude, Joy and Execution– Charge!

  1. Great message, Mize.

    Now that Cobra Kai is coming to Netfilx, are you going to take advantage of the chance to upddate to an age-appropriate Johnny Lawrence as your photo?

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