The Gods of Coaching

What do Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll have to do with church?

Likely more than you think.

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The Super Bowl of Entitlement

National Signing Day

If you truly love college football today is a dark day. It is the one day a year your favorite sport makes you embarrassed to call yourself a fan.   All across the country seventeen-year-old boys will sit in front of rows of baseball caps while thousands of 40-something men breathlessly stream it all over the […]

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Anything I can do? Supporting the Grieving

“If there is anything at all I can do, call me.” We’ve all said it. Someone has just experienced a loss and we don’t know what to say. It’s our sincere attempt to help. We really would spring into action if they called. But they won’t call. The problem is that those words fall so […]

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Culture Wars: Engagement or Withdrawal?

My site is growing.  Slower than I’d like, but it is coming along. Each time I post a new column to Ebeneez, I pick up some new followers. These are folks who found my column, presumably liked it, and want to receive an email when I put out a new post.  There is nothing more gratifying.  I […]

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Lesson 3- If you Get the Big Stuff Wrong, the Small Stuff Doesn’t Matter

  Virtually everyone in Europe rides a bike and walks.  Their culture is built around an active lifestyle with a heavy public investment in the infrastructure to support it.  They combine this lifestyle with universal healthcare and moderate portions. In short, people take care of themselves. These are all big reasons why on a continent full […]

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Ditch those Clogs; Four Steps to a Spiritual Legacy

The Scots have a saying, “there’s nobbut three generations atween a clog and clog.  The father buys, the son builds, the grandchild sells, and his son begs” Italians similarly say “dalle stalle alle stelle alle stalle” “from stalls to stars to stalls” The Spanish version is, “quien no lo tiene, lo hance; y quien lo tiene, lo […]

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Golf, Syria & Stamp Collecting: Why I’m Not Religious- Guest Post

Editor Note: A friend of mine (and published author no less) offers his two cents on religion in our first ever guest post. Why I’m Not Religious It should be an easy question to answer, right? Is it because after my baptism and excluding my attendance at weddings, my parents took me to Church exactly […]

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