Youth Sports, Playing Time & the Eppy Plan

My daughter’s basketball league has an ambiguously titled section on their website called “communication process”.  One would think this is about emails, phone trees and the league website.

Of course not.  Instead it outlines the official process for complaints about playing time.

An entire section.

A set process to follow.

Guidelines for complaining.

This is a sign of the times and no doubt intended to address an issue they likely see a lot.  Dad is convinced that Little Amber is clearly better than Kelsey, but Mean Mr Coach refuses to see the obvious and a clear D1 talent is forced to ride pine.

Why does he hate her?

Dad intends to find out.

One thing is clear.  Former Hawkeye great Eppy Epenesa has never needed such a link.

His son AJ is a 5-star all-world recruit entering his second year on the d-line for the Hawkeyes.  And yet, AJ is not listed as a starter on the Hawkeyes spring depth chart.  When Eppy was harangued on social media to step up and join a playing time controversy  he demurred in epic fashion.

We could all learn a lot from his response.



AJ will get his share of what he earns from working.  The question is … will Amber?

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