The Gods of Coaching

What do Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll have to do with church?

Likely more than you think.

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Overzealous: How Sports Dad is Ruining Church

Parents are ruining sports, Christians are ruining church

It’s no secret that youth sports are broken.  Kids specialize too early and parents care too much.  What should be a developmental focus is often waylaid by an irresistible desire to live vicariously through our kids. As a wise friend once put it “adults are ruining youth sports”. It might surprise you however to learn […]

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Purple Punishment: Turkey with a side of Pessimism

The holidays are that special time of year when we gather with family, share a meal and celebrate. That is unless and you are a family of Vikings fans. For Vikings fans, holidays in 2016 have proven to be a challenge.  This year’s Halloween wasn’t about the candy, and Thanksgiving won’t be about the turkey.  […]

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Top Causes of Premature Death : Obesity, Poverty & Loneliness (?)

Two headlines leapt off the page at me recently.  The first … Study:  Death Risk from Loneliness Higher than Poverty & On Par with Obesity The article speaks to a 14 percent spike in premature death among the lonely.  Several studies are cited but the conclusions are the same.   Stated simply, lacking the most basic of relationships […]

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Drafting a President: Vote None of the Above

Many people get their political insight from network TV.  Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos and their ilk on Sunday morning vetting the issues of the day with politicians appearing live, ready to answer anything but the question they were asked.   The politicos feign empathy and dance for us, all in an attempt to stick to focus-group tested talking […]

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Johnny Football, Britney Spears & Hope

Football news out of Cleveland is seldom good, but rarely is it quite this tragic. Not only has QB Johnny Manziel found himself on the on the wrong side of the law yet again, but come March he’ll be cut from the team.  His agent has dropped him, and he’s suddenly viewed as too toxic […]

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