Drafting a President: Vote None of the Above


Many people get their political insight from network TV.  Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos and their ilk on Sunday morning vetting the issues of the day with politicians appearing live, ready to answer anything but the question they were asked.   The politicos feign empathy and dance for us, all in an attempt to stick to focus-group tested talking points and avoid saying much of anything.

Others get their news from talk radio or via thought leaders on social media.  Here the opinions are as big as the personalities as they manipulate every story to whip us all into a frenzy.  They are as short on solutions as they are long on bluster.

I choose none of the above.

I am both leery of the mainstream media and weary of never-ending spigot of polarizing views and faux outrage you find online.  Lacking these, my political insight often comes from odd sources.  So it was in this spirit that I recently stumbled upon the best quote I’ve heard in a while.

“It is a curious thing.. but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who… have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.”


The source?  None other than mentor to the chosen one, Albus Dumbledore.  The quote was uttered in an attempt to inspire Harry Potter to accept that very mantle of leadership.  It is the one Harry never wanted, but when his hand was forced he wore it well.

Corny?  Maybe.  But I think the one thing all of these politicians running for president have in common is that none of them come close to meeting Dumbledore’s criteria.

Therefore NONE OF THE ABOVE, seems the wisest course for voters.  But inevitably this will fail.  At least one of us will vote for one of them, so we must take bold action.  Since anyone who meets Dumbledore’s threshold will likely refuse to run, we face an interesting dilemma.

I say we draft them. 

Yes I am speaking of mandatory service, and after we amend the constitution and officially give the Electoral College the finger, I’m also willing to submit my nominees for consideration.

President- Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger
You remember this guy.  Back in 2009 with ice water in his veins and all the excitement level of a pre-season WNBA game, he performed a flawless emergency landing of a failing A230 Airbus on the Hudson River.   In the process saving 155 souls and destroyed one library book that he had stashed in his luggage.  The book (which he apologetically offered to pay for) was titled Just Culture: Balancing Safety and Accountability.

Of course it was.

Is this guy too good to be true?  Probably.  Is he light years better than Hillary or Trump regardless?  Of course.  The air force captain with the sweet ‘stache is the best option we have.  He can choose to serve or be branded a draft dodger.

Vote Sully in 2016
Capt. Chesley Sullenberger and some Austrian philanderer.

Vice President- Tony Dungy
Soft-spoken leader of men who once won a super bowl in the best possible way.  In the workaholic and macho world of the NFL he allowed his staff unheard of levels of work-life balance and treated his players with respect.

In his personal life he faced great adversity including outright discrimination, the suicide of a son and much more.  All were tackled with the same humility, honor and selfless attitude.  If he can’t fix DC,we should get a can of gasoline and a match.

Note: Even Reagan never hoisted the Lombardi

There you go.   Someone draw up the paperwork and let’s get the dream ticket of Sully-Dungy ready for November.  They’ve got a lot of work to do in Washington, Voldemort has been busy.





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3 thoughts on “Drafting a President: Vote None of the Above

  1. A sad case of wanting what you can’t have. Do you suppose everyone voted for Abraham Lincoln or George Washington? Lincoln is obviously a resounding ‘no’ due to his assassination. Do a history check. The reality is that greatness in leadership isn’t realized in real time. Just because today’s technology makes just about everything else in real time just doesn’t make it so. While voting may be picking what you believe to be just a lessor of two evils a no vote is unacceptable. You could very well be thumbing your nose at the next Abraham Lincoln.

    1. While I’m thumbing my nose at Lincoln you may be embracing Millard Fillmore. Time will tell, but the latter seems a more likely scenario to this blogger.

  2. The beginning of your article reminded me of a couple of stories I’ve heard about G.W. (That’s George Washington) Many accounts say he had no desire to be president, but was such a natural choice it was thrust upon him. And we all know how that turned out. You might be on to something here. I would like to cast my vote for Greg Popovich for Sec of State.

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