Chicks Dig Sol

Suppose you had a buddy named Sol. And Sol just happened to be the smartest man in the world.

I’m not talking about some sort of Stephen Hawking dweeb intellectual, rather someone who knew about human intuition and had the wisdom of applied knowledge.

Hypothetical Sol is the kind of guy who has an answer for everything, but is actually cool about it. Did I mention that Sol is also total blast to hang around with and has more money in the bank than Bill Gates? Oh yeah and he’s also politically connected royalty, has 300 girlfriends and may have invented twitter.

If hypothetical Sol wanted to sit down and have a beer and give you his secrets, would you take him up on it? Better yet, if he wrote a book would you read it?

What if I told you Sol was a real dude, and the book is free and posted on the internet?

King Solomon had more God-given wisdom than any other person who ever walked the earth. His wisdom brought him power and riches which he naturally used to meet tons of women.

King Solomon also served God and even matured (ever so slightly) in his old age. Through it all he wrote down his thoughts on life, love and happiness (frequently 140 characters at a time).

Interested in what he came up with? Here are three key lessons from the life of King Solomon.

1. “Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man”
Solomon’s best insight in his own words. Don’t be like me. The man was a dichotomy. Sure he wrote three books of the bible and loved God. He also humped his way through hundreds of foreign wives and was a slave to his pants. He built altars to the Gods of his wives in direct contradiction to the will of God, he hoarded money. And at the end, he saw the damage sin did to his life and told a cautionary tale.

2. Stuff Doesn’t Matter
Money, power, sex and fame are not inherently evil, but they are incredibly unsatisfying even in sick amounts. Poor people can tell you this and you may not believe them. An uber-rich man-whore like Solomon says it and your ears prick up a bit. Amassing things will never satisfy you. Believe a guy who had everything and was miserable a good share of the time.

3. Bad company corrupts good character
A wise man, so close to God that he was blessed with everything he ever wanted was still led astray. Why? Two big reasons. One, ego. He started to believe his own hype. And two, he stopped listening to God and let his wives lead him astray. The lesson here is that who you spend time with and what you fill your mind with, matters. Corrupt friends, internet porn, violent video games are not harmless. Guard your heart. Spend time with people you respect and hope to emulate.

What do you think? Hit our message board and weigh in.
• Given the gift of Wisdom, what would you use it for?

• If you could have 700 wives and 300 mistresses, why not just 1000 mistresses?

• Who are some other men who did great things but had notable character flaws/ blind spots?

• What are yours?

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2 thoughts on “Chicks Dig Sol

  1. Well, we all have character flaws right? This story makes me think about very succesful and driven people. It seems like there is a fine line between a motivated success and self-centered ego-maniac…..between genius and self-destruction…..What is the right balance?

  2. Most may not know that all of Proverbs was a contribution of Solomon’s wisdom, to his children. A good piece of advice for us parents: Proverbs 4: 1-2

    Also, you’d think going the wife route one would have better influence in shared beliefs. Of course, his wives led Solomon astray by asking that he build alters to their idols.

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