Tweeting Tongues of Fire


I love that my cell phone has an “ignore” button.

You get a call and your options are to answer it, reply by text or ignore.  It speaks to the priority we place on our personal interactions in 2013.  Such a feature could only come to be in the Information Age.  It’s the kind of thing that if shared with him, might make Alexander Graham Bell’s head explode.

We have spread ourselves so thin and watered down our most basic human interactions to such a degree, that most of them aren’t even worth our time.

Level Three of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; murdered by Apple.

This mentality has even begun affecting our spiritual lives.

A recent poll indicates that while 76 % of people believe in God, only half of those respondents say they have done what He asked of them.

The two seem incongruous.  If you buy that an all-knowing, all-seeing Being created you, why would you ignore Him?

Is a relationship with our Creator just the latest victim of our busy lives?  Are we forever hammering an eternal snooze bar and ignoring God’s requests?

I think the problem may be deeper.  The issue is that to many of us God often seems more theoretical than tangible.  Oh sure, thousands of years ago He interacted with humanity, but today He mostly mails it in.  He sits in a huge God office and aside from the occasional miracle, He’s semi-retired and probably plays a lot of golf.

Of course Moses listened; he had a burning bush talking to him.

Of course Saul listened; it would have been pretty tough to ignore that searing blindness on the Road to Damascus.

But us?  I guess we are still waiting.  If God blinds us, or ignites some shrubbery nearby, we’ll be all ears.

That is where we are wrong.  Pentecost blew that out of the water.

That day we replaced a theatrical, big entrance, bold proclamation God who visits from time to time with something much better– A God who lives inside us.

The Holy Spirit

Yes the third leg of the Trinity stool is often misunderstood, ignored and disparaged, but it is also the key to living a righteous life.  Do you want a God who visits you or One who has taken up residence in you?  The Latter is always there, but requires more work.

What does that work look like?

A lot like the opposite of Twitter.

Today we are a mile wide and an inch deep, living life 140 characters at a time.  The Holy Spirit requires you to check out, spend time and listen.

Meditation, reflection, quiet time and deep thinking; they are all important spiritual disciplines but increasingly foreign to us.  Instead of engaging in them, we run with headphones, we check our cell phones before we even get out of bed in the morning and we multitask our way to misery.

As followers of Christ, we need to be diligent about putting our phones down, our work aside and spending time in deep thought.  I personally stink at this, but I am committed to getting better.

We all desperately need some form of a Sabbath; it is how the Holy Spirit speaks to us.

God has a plan for each of us –we need to stop clicking ignore.


What do you think?

• How can you ignite and engage the Holy Spirit in you?

• Has God ever spoken to you?   What was the situation and outcome?

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One thought on “Tweeting Tongues of Fire

  1. Meditation, reflection, quiet time and deep thinking – what exactly are those? The devil is winning when we ask that question, because it keeps us from building a deeper relationship with Him. Just like setting aside time for exercise, we need to do the same with time for our minds (e.g., reading) and spirit (e.g,, quiet time with God).

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