Blake’s First Month: Five Surprising Impacts of a Home-based Business

I’m a quitter.

After 19-years in corporate America, I recently fired myself to start my own business focused on written content and marketing support for small business.

It is going well and about what I expected with a few notable surprises…

#5 Lack of “corporate free time” has me way behind on fantasy football draft prep
#4 Disinterested co-workers stopping by my office to chat has been replaced by much less snarky Jehovah’s Witnesses
#3 Spaghetti-O lunch consumption up 300%
#2 Got an email yesterday from my dry cleaner with the subject line “WE MISS YOU” and a $5 coupon
#1 PTO has been replaced by the much less satisfying TO

It was a great first month.  Thanks to all of you who have supported me– notably the most understanding and supportive wife out there!!  You inspire me.

With my marginal writing talent and your backing, I got this!


Mission Control
Mission Control

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Christian. Father. Hawkeye. Male pattern baldness survivor.

2 thoughts on “Blake’s First Month: Five Surprising Impacts of a Home-based Business

  1. There have been a lot of things concerning me these days and I’ve been pondering the formal release of my manifesto. Can your new business help?

    1. I can definitely help, but most of my work is in electronic media. I don’t think you have internet access at your shanty in Montana. Would we be printing this hard copy?

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