Metallica- Masters of Theology

“Today our message comes to us from the book of Exodus,” said the pastor as he slowly wheeled two giant Gibson amplifiers down the aisle of the massive sanctuary.

“A guest has prepared our message. Prepare your hearts for the word of God.”

As the congregation bowed, the pastor pegged the amplifiers on 10 and they begin to blast the familiar power chords as the bible lesson began…

Slaves –Hebrews born to serve, to the pharaoh
Heed –To his every word, live in fear

Faith — of the unknown one, the deliverer
Wait — something must be done, four hundred years

So let it be written , so let it be done
I’m sent here by the chosen one
So let it be written, So let it be done
To kill the first born pharaoh son I’m creeping death

Now– let my people go, land of Goshen
Go– I will be with thee, bush of fire

Blood –Running red and strong, down the Nile
Plague –Darkness three days long, hail to fire

So let it be written, so let it be done
I’m sent here by the chosen one
So let it be written, So let it be done
To kill the first born pharaoh son
I’m creeping death
Die by my hand I creep across the land
Killing first born man

Die by my hand I creep across the land
Killing first born man

I– Rule the midnight air, the destroyer
Born –I shall soon be there, deadly mass

I –Creep the steps and floor, final darkness
Blood –Lamb’s blood painted door, I shall pass

So let it be written So let it be done
I’m sent here by the chosen one
So let it be written
So let it be done
To kill the first born pharaoh son
I’m creeping death

Farfetched idea?

Potential best sermon ever?

It is of course Creeping Death, the pre-eminent metal song ever written about the gospel.

(sorry Stryper)

A song that originated with guitar virtuoso Kirk Hammett who originally wrote it for his band Exodus. The song however was never released. It was only after Kirk moved on to his next creative project– a fledgling band named Metallica—that it finally saw the light of day.

The song brings several interesting thoughts to mind.

First, I wonder for how many people this song serves as their first exposure to the Exodus story. I bet you’d be surprised. I suspect more than a few likely heard the message and started digging into its origins. While some holy rollers likely consider Metallica sacrilegious; I think the exact opposite is true.

In reality these guys could be saving more souls than the Gideons.

The second thought the song brings to mind is a reminder that everything is spiritual. God created the world, us, and everything in it. It reminds us that God is omnipresent and sometimes crops up in the least expected places.

Like at a Metallica concert.

But perhaps most interesting to ponder is the question of the songs origins. More pointedly, who reached Kirk Hammett? Who planted the seeds of faith, sharing the gospel that would one day bear fruit in this tremendous anthem?

Was it a Sunday school teacher?
Youth leader?
The 10 Commandments movie?
A televangelist?
Jehovah’s witness?

We likely will never know.

More pointedly, that person likely will never know. They have long since moved on from Kirk, and may have written off their foray into evangelism, convinced their efforts never moved the needle for Christ.

That’s the thing about evangelism, sometimes you never know.

Your impact may take years upon years to bear fruit. Or you could be one of multiple messengers playing a part, or it could never take. Many who try it likely have no idea of the outcomes their work wrought.

Regardless, the great commission is not a suggestion, or a nice to have. It is a mandate. A mandate delivered from a mountaintop in Galilee to all believers.

Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

So let it be written , so let it be done.

What do you think?

• Are you making good on the great commission?

• Should Billy Graham invest in a massive set of blaupunkts?

• What other interesting ways is God’s word being shared?

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2 thoughts on “Metallica- Masters of Theology

  1. So if Hammett is responsible for Creeping Death, which member decided he would sober up in the pews on Sunday morning and write Leper Messiah? I know you are always trying to figure out why or what drives people away from worship on Sunday morning.

    Time for lust, time for lie
    Time to kiss your life goodbye
    Send me money, send me green
    Heaven you will meet
    Make a contribution
    And you’ll get a better seat
    Bow to leper messiah

    Now my college roommate, not Mitch Kumstein, and I liked to crank a little Master of Puppets back in the day. Under the influence of 13, 14 beers, one day we decided to actually figure out what they were singing about. Besides the obvious bad ass lyrics of “Time to kiss your life goodbye” and “Bow to Leper Messiah” followed by a cool riff that I can’t put into words, we realized they were talking about people sucked into the televangelists with the thought that the more they gave the better their chances with Peter. I still think about that when I drive by Westwood Community Church in Chanhassen and think ‘wow, there are still a lot of suckers out there’ and not in Tennessee, but right here in Minnesota.

    “Marvel at his tricks, need your Sunday fix, Blind devotion came, rotting your brain……Bow to Leper Messiah!”

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      As a sidebar, they say that cool riff you like was actually written by Mustaine, and reportedly the source of a financial settlement.

      Your comments are interesting food for thought, but I’d remind you that Leper Messiah came out in the Jim and Tammy Faye era. That was after revelations about air-conditioned dog houses and financial mismanagement on a level that would make Bernie Madoff blush.

      I don’t know anything about Westwood, did they have a scandal of some sort? If not the leap to them seems like it requires a rather broad brush.

      I hate Tonka Beer, should I similarly malign all lakes area brewers?

      Should I hate all Nigerians simply because the one I met on email and wired the money to turned out bad?

      That said, if your church is promising you a car via a fundraising appeal to fix your pastor’s helicopter you should probably be concerned.

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