Fundamentals & the Case for Optimism

Tim Duncan- Fashion Icon

There is a lot of negativity out there.

If you are like me, 50% of your Facebook timeline is full of depressing news, and the other half is full of your blowhard friends delivering their brand of haughty solutions.

It’s enough to make us wonder if there is much to inspire optimism at all.

I’m here to tell you there is.

In a world full of people shouting “look at me!” where everyone talks over each other and struggles for attention, the antithesis exists.

Equal parts hard work, humility, dedication and perseverance has a name.  That name is Tim Duncan.

Tim Duncan- Fashion Icon
Tim Duncan- Fashion Icon

Duncan retired on Monday with all the fanfare of your average committee meeting.  He held no press conference and was unavailable for comment.  If you know anything about Duncan, you aren’t the least bit surprised.

Despite 19 seasons, five NBA titles, two league MVPs and a career for the ages, self-promotion is just not his style.

Duncan has always been a square peg in the round hole of NBA players. Consider the following

  • He’d rather be an Olympic swimmer
  • He stayed in college all four years and holds a degree in Psychology
  • He was on the same NBA team for his entire career
  • He spends less on clothes than your average hermit
  • He plays Dungeons and Dragons and has a tattoo of Merlin

So many of those facts make Duncan odd, but what makes him great?  It can be summed up in one quote.

All I can do is play and try to play well. Winning should be the only thing that matters. I can’t manipulate how people see me. “  — Tim Duncan

He’s a throwback. He’s not a media savvy brand, he eschews social media and focuses on being a total beast on the court.  He’s soft-spoken and results-oriented.

We could all learn a lot from Tim Duncan. Put your head down, work hard, do your job and get better. Focus internally not externally and persevere.

When your nickname is “The Big Fundamental” you are clearly doing something right.  Congratulations to Mr Duncan on a fine career, and a sterling legacy.

Blessed are the meek indeed.

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2 thoughts on “Fundamentals & the Case for Optimism

    1. So true. He really is a throwback. While researching this I found an article that referenced his parents careers. His mom was a midwife and his dad a mason. It’s like he was born in the middle ages.

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